Advanced Metalworking Solutions for
Naval Systems that Go in Harm's Way

Combat Vehicle Research Phases II, III, IV & V


Develop and demonstrate manufacturing processes that both reduce the weight and improve the total affordability of the next generation of combat vehicles.


The combat vehicle community has been mandated to provide lighter weight solutions for all developmental platforms, to improve mobility and air-deployability, and reduce the logistics burden while maintaining or increasing survivability.

Technical Approach

This program concentrates on integrating advanced lightweight alloys and technologies into emerging vehicle platforms as well as other developmental programs such as Future Scout, Future Combat Systems and CAV (Composite Armored Vehicle). This program focuses on lightweight aluminum armor and structural alloys such as Al-Li and Al-Mg-Li and Ti. These programs also build upon advanced processing technologies such as friction stir welding and single melt titanium to increase system performance while lowering production costs.


The material advancement and processing technologies developed under this project will enable emerging and future vehicle platforms to meet weight and performance requirements as directed by the DoD.


An integrated project team consisting of TARDEC and government prime contractors will address the technology issues and to select demonstration components to prove the principles developed in this project.