Advanced Metalworking Solutions for
Naval Systems that Go in Harm's Way

High Temperature Lightweight Radial Manifold


To develop a low-cost manufacturing process for SSTD Concept 1 Dispenser manifold and to reduce the mass of the manifold.

Technical Approach

  • Perform cost-based product analysis and select materials and processes for lower-cost, short-run production
  • Evaluate and incorporate design improvements
  • Identify candidate materials based on product performance specification
  • Evaluate candidate manufacturing processes for materials
  • Select optimum combination and produce prototype parts
  • Perform limited live fire tests for proof of concept


  • An 85 percent cost reduction in the estimated 2880 Concept 1 Dispenser systems required for deployment
    • Cost reduction from $8500 per manifold to $1276 per manifold (two manifolds required per Concept 1 Dispenser system)
    • A present value cost avoidance of $42M over five years or an ROI of 32.1:1 based on Navy MANTECH guidelines
  • A 37 percent weight reduction for improved flight characteristics of Concept 1 Dispenser system
    • Reduced manifold weight from 2.85 kg to 1.80 kg


  • Technical Data Package (TDP) for component design and manufacturing process was delivered to SSTD JPO for incorporation into final development of Concept 1 Dispenser
  • Project incorporated live fire tests to provide functional proof of satisfactory development
  • The decision to field this weapon component has not been made because the Navy is evaluating other torpedo systems