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Development of Cost-Effective, Low-Manganese, Flux-Core Welding Electrode for Joining High-Strength Steels (Low-fuming)


The NMC is working to develop a modified MIL-101T-“X” low-fuming, flux-cored welding electrode for use with 75% Ar / 25% CO2 shielding gas.


This is a proactive response to the reduced manganese emission limits during welding proposed by the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists.

Technical Approach

The modified electrode will reduce welder exposure to manganese (Mn) fumes without increasing porosity or diffusible hydrogen content, while still meeting Naval Sea Systems Command requirements and shipyard usability characteristics.


The successful development of a low-fuming, flux-cored electrode will result in productivity enhancements and improved access to tight areas by eliminating the need for shipyard welders to wear respirators in some enclosed spaces. The electrode will have reduced Mn emissions, without increasing porosity or diffusible hydrogen.


The project achieved reduced Mn emissions; however, the lots did not meet mechanical property requirements. A broader follow-on project is under investigation.




LCDR Brian A. Metcalf
CVN-78 Advanced Technology Manager
PMS 378 Future Carrier Program Office