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Optimization of Atomized Magnesium Powder Manufacture


Double the atomization yield in magnesium powder production.

Technical Approach

  • Develop a simulation of the current atomizing nozzle design using computer-based computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software
  • Adapt the CFD code to various nozzle designs suitable for trials at Hart Metals
  • Fabricate trial nozzles and conduct subscale experiments of these nozzles at Hart Metals based on results of the CFD analysis
  • Conduct full-scale trials at Hart Metals


Reduced cost of magnesium powder from $13/lb to less than $10/lb leading to annual savings to the Navy and the DoD of over $1 million in the procurement of weapons systems including flares, tracers, infrared countermeasures and other pyrotechnic munitions.


A new atomization nozzle was designed and implemented at Hart Metals to help reduce production costs for future Navy and DoD procurement. This nozzle increased the yield of usable powder by 7 percent.