Advanced Metalworking Solutions for
Naval Systems that Go in Harm's Way

LCS Bow Castings


This project proposed casting as an alternative method of production that simplifies connection and greatly reduces both the costs and duration of shipyard construction and inspection.


The LCS design includes a sharp, raked bow section, which makes connecting the stem bar and adjoining hull plates difficult.


The results of this project indicate that the overall financial impact of implementing the stem casting is a savings of $35.2K per ship. The reduction in installation cost results from the elimination of two complete installation processes and welding, inspection, and supervision costs. Other expected benefits include an improved design of the stem that allows easier connection with the hull plates and reduced
production time for the bow.


A complete cast stem was purchased by Marinette Marine Corporation, the implementing shipyard for LCS 3, in July 2009. Construction of the bow section for LCS 3 is scheduled for completion by April 2010.