Advanced Metalworking Solutions for
Naval Systems that Go in Harm's Way

Semi-Solid Metalworking Technology for Titanium Fluid Handling Components


Develop semi-solid metalworking (SSM) technology to manufacture titanium or titanium alloy valve bodies.

Technical Approach

  • Identify titanium alloy systems that meet the Navy`s needs for corrosion resistance and strength, while also being compatible with the SSM process
  • Identify tooling materials capable of handling the temperatures and reactivity of molten titanium alloys
  • Develop numerical process modeling capabilities to assist in tooling and equipment design
  • Develop process equipment and process practices for manufacturing of valve components from selected titanium alloys


If SSM can reduce the cost of manufacturing to that which is equivalent to copper-nickel, and with nearly 1000 valves of five inches or less required for the sea water and sewage systems, a savings between $1M-$5M per ship is anticipated.


This project was stopped just prior to full completion due to a change in Navy priorities.

  • Three candidate titanium alloys had been identified with corrosion rates as low as 0.09 mils per year and elongations as high as 15%.
  • A controlled environment heating system was designed and fabricated for the processing of high-temperature and reactive materials by the SSM process. System integration was not completed.
  • Tooling for one prototype valve was designed and manufactured.