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HSLA-80 Plate Distortion Mitigation

The project will result in cost avoidance in labor required to rework HSLA-80 plates that are experiencing distortion issues during plasma cutting and welding operations. US Navy photo


This project identified the potential root causes for the distortion and determined revisions that need to be made to future procurement specifications for HSLA-80 plate in order to minimize distortion issues.


Bath Iron Works (BIW) had distortion issues with a shipment of HSLA-80 plate, which is required for the first DDG 1000 build. The distortion occurred mostly during plasma cutting. The plates needed rework to return them to acceptable fit and fairness requirements, which affected shipbuilding cost.


BIW anticipates cost avoidance in production due to reduced labor needed to meet fit and fairness requirements, by eliminating post-burning flattening, and by eliminating steel mill premium for half tolerance flatness.


As a result of project findings and recommendations, BIW modified a cutting machine specification and ordered a new cutting system that will significantly reduce the heat input into cut parts. BIW is also evaluating changes to part layout (nesting), cutting sequence, cutting parameters and the use of retention tabs, all of which have been defined in this project.




Robert Wunderlick
PMS 500P DDG 1000Production Manager
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division


Bath Iron Works
The University of New Orleans / PD Technologies
ArcelorMittal Coatesville
ArcelorMittal Conshohocken