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Temporary Protective Coatings


This Navy Metalworking Center (NMC) project identified and developed several temporary protective coatings that would prevent or reduce damage and corrosion that occurs during the shipbuilding process, significantly reducing the labor currently needed to remove the corrosion or repair damage.


Both Huntington Ingalls Industries - Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) and Huntington Ingalls Industries - Ingalls Shipbuilding (Ingalls) have similar needs for temporary coatings to protect certain CVN and DDG 51 components during construction.

Technical Approach

The project team investigated temporary coatings / materials that could be easily applied and removed. Commercially available materials used in other industries were considered for use or adaptation to meet established technical and cost-reduction goals.


Implementing a temporary coating to protect an estimated 300,000 linear feet of exposed weld joint area on CVN 79 modules at NNS has the potential to save $1.04M to $1.54M per hull. This estimate includes a 50-70 percent reduction in labor and material costs for the temporary coating and was the original justification for this project. Subsequent updates to the baseline cost estimate by NNS resulted in a significantly lower baseline cost, and thus a significantly lower cost avoidance for the project. 

Implementing a temporary coating to protect non-skid during the construction of DDG 51 at Ingalls has the potential to save $150K per hull. This estimate is based on approximately $200K spent on non-skid repair due to damage and staining on previous hulls. This savings is also expected to impact DDG 113 and DDG 114, as well as possible future hulls. Results of this effort may also apply to LPD, LHA, CVN, and other vessels.

These benefits are preliminary and are expected to improve with procurement of additional DDG 51 hulls and implementation on other vessels not currently included in the benefits calculations.  


Due to significant reductions in the cost benefits for the CVN 79 edge protection application; this project was terminated early, prior to completing tasking. No implementation is scheduled to occur at NNS.




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