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Manufacturing Assessment of Tungsten Shot for the MK 182 KE-ET

Improved packing consistency meets Navy’s requirements for KE-ET projectile


This project’s objective was to ensure that tungsten shot is produced to the tight mass tolerance, shape and size distribution required of the round.


Persistent inconsistencies have existed in the total mass of tungsten shot packed into the body of the 5"/54 caliber Mk 182 Kinetic Energy Electronic Time (KE-ET) projectile. These mass inconsistencies result in range errors of up to 22 yards greater than the baseline 2003 projectile configuration. The Conventional Ammunition Division (G2) Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division (NSWC IHD), in conjunction with the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD), has made several attempts to correct the problem; however, no documented and manufacturer-independent assessments have been conducted to demonstrate that the associated changes have been successful in meeting the Navy’s mass consistency requirements. Before proceeding with further development/procurement of KE-ET rounds, resolution of the mass inconsistency issue must be demonstrated.


Successful implementation of the production improvements are expected to lead to improved mass consistency of the loaded projectiles. This in turn will provide improved performance consistency of the MK 182 KE-ET projectile. Providing the desired consistency, this project is estimated to save the Navy approximately $1.4M by eliminating the need to download and reassemble nonconforming projectiles.


Potential improved processing methods were defined for potential use by Crane Army Ammunition Activity (AAA) during loading of the next lot of rounds to be processed in calendar year 2012




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