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Integrated Metrology for Ship Construction

An integrated metrology approach will improve evaluation of individual ship components and reduce rework during final construction on Ingalls-constructed ships such as the DDG 51 Class destroyer. Ingalls Shipbuilding photo


NMC is leading a Navy ManTech project that is developing an integrated metrology approach to address construction misalignment issues and to reduce labor costs and schedule.


In shipbuilding, components are manufactured independently and then integrated into larger builds. Considerable labor is required to address misalignment in assemblies due to time-lapsed material distortion and variances in stack-up tolerances. Current in-process measurement techniques are rudimentary, do not allow for design change considerations, or are not tied in with other component evaluations.

Technical Approach

An integrated metrology approach will collect and assess data as various components and sub-assemblies are fabricated to identify misalignment issues prior to final construction phases, which will make corrections easier to make. The NMC-led project team is optimizing advanced metrology solutions for individual components/sub-assemblies and incorporating these individual solutions into an integrated approach. This will result in reduced rework costs and schedule impacts, as well as improved dimensional and tolerance evaluation.


This NMC project focuses on several naval platforms being fabricated at Ingalls Shipbuilding (Ingalls), namely DDG 51, LHA, LPD, and the National Security Cutter. The potential cost savings are approximately $4.4 million over five years for those ships.


Implementation of the identified metrology solutions is targeted for the third and fourth quarters of 2016 on the first available hull in production at Ingalls.




Todd Hellman
PMS 400D


Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
Ingalls Shipbuilding
PMS 400D - DDG 51 Program Office