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Mechanized Cable Pulling

Results of this project will reduce labor and health and safety issues associated with shipboard cable pulling at Ingalls and NNS. ISMOTEC photo


The Navy Metalworking Center (NMC) is leading a project team to develop cable pulling tools that are portable, power assisted, easy to use, small, and lightweight. Once implemented, the solutions are expected to save more than $3 million dollars in reduced labor over a five-year period.


Mechanized tools will significantly improve cable pulling on surface ships at Ingalls Shipbuilding (Ingalls) and Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS).

Technical Approach

The tools will help cable installation crews to 1) pull an entire cable evenly, 2) pull portions of cable through intermediate distances, and 3) reduce the amount of effort required to pull cable through bends. The project will also reduce cable friction points to decrease the overall effort required to pull cables.


Project results are expected to reduce the effort needed to pull electrical cable by:

  • 21,500+ labor-hours at Ingalls for LHA, LPD, DDG 51 and NSC Class ships
  • 4,100+ labor hours at NNS, based on an engineering estimate for CVN class ships

The total five-year project cost savings for the identified platforms at both shipyards is projected to be more than $3 million. In addition, reducing workers’ cable pulling exposure time will decrease the number of associated injury claims, further reducing the production costs.


NMC will demonstrate the performance of the developed prototypes and tooling at Ingalls and NNS and will identify potential commercial equipment suppliers. Implementation is targeted for the first quarter of FY16 at both shipyards on all identified platforms.




Hal Lamm
LHA(R) Program Technical Director
PMS 377


Newport News Shipbuilding
Ingalls Shipbuilding
PMS 377 LHA(R) Program Office