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CVN Vertical Build

Increasing the amount of construction work done on CVN 79 prior to erection will lead to efficiencies and cost savings. (NNS photo)


A Navy Metalworking Center (NMC) project is expected to significantly reduce CVN 79 construction costs by identifying pre-outfitting that can be completed at a more optimal period of ship construction.


The build strategy for CVN 78 required much of the ship outfitting activities to be completed after each section had been joined or erected to the rest of the ship in the dry dock. As a result, much of the outfitting work was completed in enclosed areas that were difficult to access by workers and rigging equipment (e.g., cranes and forklifts) and where the labor frequently conflicted with other work ongoing in the shared space.

Technical Approach

An NMC-led Integrated Project Team (IPT) is identifying targeted systems and specific construction areas of CVN 79 that could benefit from pre-outfitting concepts, which will improve construction efficiencies. In addition, the IPT will benchmark the pre-outfitting best practices of other shipbuilding programs and commercial industries through literature searches and site visits. The IPT will then perform planning and scheduling modifications to support completion of the outfitting as well as some testing activities prior to erection.

The IPT will produce a Business Case Analysis that will identify the benefits, including an expected cost reduction from efficiencies gained from optimized outfitting activities. The IPT also will target plans to complete one or more spaces prior to erection; these completed spaces may be turned over to the Navy Program Office earlier in the construction process.


Implementation of the project’s recommendations will occur when pre-outfitted superlifts are erected in the dry dock on CVN 79 at Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) beginning in the first quarter of FY17.




Mr. Joseph Lojek
CVN 79 Future Carrier Program Office


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