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Flexible Infrastructure Track System

Improved manufacturability of the FI Track System will reduce complexity, cost, and lead time, and allow competitive bid of extrusion components. NNS photo


To reduce acquisition costs, this Navy Metalworking Center (NMC) project is evaluating the manufacturing design in order to develop tracks with reduced complexity and improved manufacturability.


The Flexible Infrastructure (FI) Track System is a series of extruded and machined aluminum tracks (over 20,000 linear feet for a typical CVN installation) attached to the ship structure to enable equipment to be mounted without the use of hot work and to rapidly rearrange the space to meet changing missions. The legacy large aluminum alloy track extrusions (tracks) are difficult and costly to manufacture.

Technical Approach

This NMC Integrated Project Team (IPT) is developing proof-of-concept models for the track components, incorporating manufacturability improvements and capability assessments. The IPT is preparing a validation plan for the track components with the Technical Warrant Holders (TWHs) based on the revised configuration and / or processes. The IPT is manufacturing prototype track sections, validating them to meet the installation tolerances of the system, and comparing them to the current system components for form, fit and function.


The estimated cost savings for this project are $3.8M over five years on the installation of FI track system for CVN 79, LHA 7 and 8, DDG 1000, and CVN overhaul. The savings are calculated based on 39,000 linear feet of deck and overhead track and a reduction in the cost of component extrusions, machining, and other manufacturing processes. The lead time to procure the components also will be reduced because the improved designs are less complicated to manufacture and allow more vendors to bid on and produce the components.


Implementation of the new FI track system is expected during the third quarter of FY18 on CVN 79 and fourth quarter of FY18 on CVN 73 overhaul at Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS). Other program-specific Technical Warrant Holder/Program Office approval requests will follow as program schedules dictate.




Mr. Joseph Lojek
CVN 79 Future Carrier Program Office


Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
Newport News Shipbuilding
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