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MRAP Improved Crack Repair

An improved process to repair cracks in the upper structure of MRAP Cougar CAT I/II hulls will reduce the cost and schedule associated with the current method. (USMC photo)


The Navy Metalworking Center (NMC) is conducting a Navy ManTech Rapid Response project to develop an improved method for repairing in-service cracks on steel-hulled armored vehicles that are designed to be resistant to landmines and improvised munitions.


Current crack repair methods often result in re-cracking in the high hard steel used for the upper hull of the Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Cougar Category I and II vehicles, which are currently undergoing overhaul and maintenance (reset).

Technical Approach

The project team is developing an improved crack repair process that takes into consideration the material properties of the steel used in this application and minimizes the potential of increased cost and schedule. A system-wide approach to repair hull cracks will improve the reliability of the repairs. Currently, the MRAP reset is being conducted by four different depots, each using slightly different repair procedures, often involving multiple repairs to the same area.


Successful development of an improved repair operation could result in more than $13M in cost savings during the MRAP reset over the next three years.


Full-scale implementation will occur on all MRAP Cougar CAT I/II hulls being repaired at all repair depots once the Project Manager MRAP has authorized the new repair process and all procedures have been incorporated by the depots. The targeted implementation will be the first available MRAP Cougar CAT I/II hull undergoing reset at any of the four repair depots using the approved repair process. The anticipated time frame for full-scale implementation is the third quarter of FY16.




Jaspal Brar
Assistant Program Manager-Engineering (APM-E)
PM-Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP)


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PEO Land Systems