Advanced Metalworking Solutions for
Naval Systems that Go in Harm's Way

Advanced Thermal Battery Production


Reduce the cost and increase the production of the AN/SSQ-62E and projected ADLFP thermal batteries used in sonobuoys. The reduction in costs will increase the number of sonobuoys that can be purchased and result in improved fleet readiness and preparedness. This will be accomplished by identifying and implementing process improvements that address the current manufacturing cost drivers. The technologies developed under this project are applicable to a wide array of thermal battery applications.

Technical Approach

  • Conduct manufacturing assessment and identify the manufacturing cost drivers that will yield the most savings.
  • Research and identify technologies that will provide solutions to the manufacturing problems.
  • Implement technologies into thermal battery manufacturing.
  • Determine benefits utilizing a cost model.


The total saving as a result of the improved manufacturing technologies is expected to be approximately 20 percent for the AN/SSQ-62E and the projected ADLFP sonobuoys. This reduction will increase the quantity of deployed sonobuoys for a given mission cost. In addition, the technology is applicable to a wide array of other thermal battery applications. This technology may also improve performance of thermal batteries.


The project team consists of Eagle-Picher Technologies; ENSER Corporation; Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division (NSWC-CD); and the NCEMT. The technology will be implemented into thermal battery production and documented in a final report.




J. R. Loyer
(PMA 264)