Advanced Metalworking Solutions for
Naval Systems that Go in Harm's Way

Centrifugally-Cast Titanium Carbide/Bronze Components


Optimize and specify the manufacturing process to economically produce reliable, consistent quality TiC/Bronze anti-slack devices and hydraulic winch components through centrifugal casting; transfer this technology to Port Hueneme and qualified centrifugal casting foundries.

Technical Approach

  • Conduct initial modeling studies to clarify the factors that influence TiC distribution in aluminum bronze during centrifugal casting
  • Define test conditions to produce trial castings for establishing important parameters
  • Produce test castings in a production foundry
  • Evaluate castings to determine important parameters affecting TiC distribution in aluminum bronze
  • Prepare process specification for controlling TiC/Bronze winch components that meet the specified configuration for successful fleet application


Estimated reduction in annual maintenance costs of $3.1 million will be realized when the 121 fleet winches are converted to the TiC/Bronze combination. Considerable improvement in personnel safety will be realized because of well-controlled ship-to-ship transfer of goods with the TiC/Bronze system. This technology will be applied to other naval-wear applications to improve operational costs and conditions.


The NCEMT transferred the newly prescribed process specifications to Port Hueneme for inclusion in contractual requirements for purchase of components in fleet operations. This process is also being evaluated for use in the production of functionally graded composites to be used in armor.