Advanced Metalworking Solutions for
Naval Systems that Go in Harm's Way

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   Abrasive Blasting Arm for Man Lift
   Abrasive Waterjet Cutting for Shipbuilding Applications
   Additive Isolation Coatings for Navy Fasteners
   Additive Manufacturing for Shipbuilding Applications
   Advanced Bonding Methods for Steel Structures
   Advanced Combatant Materials
   Advanced Gun Barrel Technology
   Advanced Metallics Army Bridging Phases I & II
   Advanced Thermal Battery Production
   Alloy 625 Formability for Future Carriers
   Alloy 625 Pipe Welding
   Alternative Brazing for Shipboard Use
   Alternative Pipe Joining and Fitting
   Alternatives to Temporary Padeyes
   Aluminum Alloy 2519 Material Evaluation for the Advanced Amphibious Assault...
   Appendage Manufacturing Improvements
   Application Development for Use of LASCOR Panels
   Automated Back Gouging of Thick Plate
   Automated Hanger Manufacturing
   Automated Manufacturing Cell for Repetitive Assemblies
   Automated Thermal Plate Forming
   Automated Turbine Airfoil Trailing Edge Rounding
   Availability of SMAW Electrode (MIL-10718) Required for Ballistic Performan...
   Casting Technology Development
   Centrifugally-Cast Titanium Carbide/Bronze Components
   Chromium Replacement in Gun Barrel Bores
   CNC Thermal Plate Forming
   Cold Forming of Alloy 625 Fittings
   Comanche Gun Barrel Modeling and Analysis
   Combat Vehicle Research Phases II, III, IV & V
   Concept Exploration for CVN 21
   Concept Exploration for J-UCAS
   CVN Vertical Build
   Damping Material Application Improvements
   DDG 1000 Deckhouse Base Joint
   DDG 1000 Weld Seam Facing
   Debond Detector Improvements
   Deep Drawn Shell Casing Failure Investigation
   Degaussing System Manufacturing Improvements
   Development of 15-5PH Forgings for Torpedo Muzzle Door Lever Arms
   Development of Cost-Effective, Low-Manganese, Flux-Core Welding Electrode f...
   Development of Long Length, Flexible, Vacuum-Jacketed Cryostats
   Distortion Mitigation for Additively Manufactured Electronic Chassis
   Efficient Identification of Plate Defects
   Electron Beam Welding of Virginia Class Submarine 1st Reduction Gears
   Enhanced Powder Metallurgy Processing of Superalloys for Aircraft Engine Co...
   Enhanced Processing for High Strength Steel Castings and Forgings for Naval...
   Exothermic Welding for CVN
   Expanded Capabilities for Low-Cost Friction Stir Welding
   Extended Delay Between Cleaning and Welding of Aluminum
   Extended Metallurgical and Manufacturing Evaluation of High Strength and To...
   FCAW Electrodes with Improved Toughness
   Flexible Infrastructure Track System
   Forging Supplier Initiative Support
   Forward Looking Infrared System (FLIR)
   Fuel Cell Producibility
   Grinding Swarf Reclamation and Reversion
   GTC Durability Coating
   H-60 Seahawk Helicopter Dynamic Components Redesign Study
   High Strength and Toughness Naval Steels for Ballistic Protection
   High Strength Marine Grade Fasteners
   High Temperature Lightweight Radial Manifold
   High Temperature Superconductor Development
   HSLA-115 Evaluation and Implementation Phase II
   HSLA-65 Hot Forming
   HSLA-80 Plate Distortion Mitigation
   Hull Fabrication Improvement
   Hull Production Automation Methods
   Implementation of Steel Investment Castings to Enhance Reliability and Decr...
   Improved Abrasive Technology
   Improved Affordability of Titanium Parts for Marine Corps XM777 Lightweight...
   Improved Arc Cladding Techniques
   Improved Cable Routing Tools
   Improved HSLA-80 T-Beams
   Improved Manufacturing Materials and Processes for Corrosion Resistant Tran...
   Improved Preparation Methods for Coating Tanks
   Improved Shaft Cladding Materials and Processes
   Improved Tee Sections for High-Strength Steel Structures
   Improved Tiling Systems
   Improved Weapons Magazine C-Channel
   Inspection Under SHT
   Integrated Metrology for Ship Construction
   Integration Design and Hardware Fabrication in Support of Active Suspension...
   Issues Associated with the Fabrication of Titanium Components
   Joint MTO
   Knowledge Integrated Aging Process for Turbine Airfoils
   Knowledge-Integrated Solution Heat-Treatment Process for Turbine Airfoils
   Large Diameter Pipe Process Improvements
   LASCOR Panel Evaluation and Implementation Phase II
   LC-100 Welding Consumables
   LCS Bow Castings
   Low Cost Fabrication Processes for AAAV
   Low Cost Pallet Systems
   Low Cost Pallet Systems Phase II
   Low Cost Ti Development for U.S. Army
   Low-Cost Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum for LCS Applications Phase I & I...
   Machining Alloy 625 Propulsor Components
   Main Propulsion Shaft Taper Inspection
   Manufacturability of Reinforced Foam
   Manufacturing Assessment of Tungsten Shot for the MK 182 KE-ET
   Manufacturing Large Marine Structures
   Manufacturing Process Development for Elimination of Weld Distortion of CVN...
   Manufacturing Technology for Submarine Structures
   Maritech Ultra-High Pressure Water Blasting
   Mechanized Cable Pulling
   Metallic Materials Advanced Development & Certification (MMADC) Project Pha...
   MH-60R Air Vehicle Systems Analysis
   Mitigation of Cracking in Sensitized Aluminum
   Modular Scalable Cold Plates for Naval Electronics
   MRAP Improved Crack Repair
   N-UCAS Metallic Manufacturing Technology Transition Program, Phase I
   N-UCAS Phase II
   Naval Application of Laser Ablation Paint Removal Technology
   Naval Application of Laser Peening Technology
   Neodymium Ribbon Manufacture
   Non-Destructive Inspection for Electron-Beam Additive Manufacturing of Tita...
   Norfolk Naval Shipyard Bilge and Tank Maintenance Platform
   Optimization of Atomized Magnesium Powder Manufacture
   Optimization of Blasting Operations
   Optimized Commercial Steels for Naval Surface Ships
   Optimized Flow-Formed Steel Cartridge Casings
   Optimized Flowformed Steel Cartridges
   Pipe Assembly Installation Improvement Methods
   Pipe Cutting Machine Technology
   Pipe Preparation and Welding Methods
   Pipe Production Automation Methods
   Plasma Arc Melting (PAM) Ti-6Al-4V Slab Production with Acceptable Surface
   Plate Edge Preparation Improvements
   PMN Manufacturing Technology
   Precision Panel Inserts
   Prevention of Coating Damage During Hot Work
   Printed Sand Casting Molds and Cores for HY Steels
   Process and Cost Optimization of Aluminum Stabilized NbTi Superconducting W...
   Quantify the Impact of Flash Rust on Coating Performance
   Reduced Cost Lightweight Uptakes for LCS
   Remote Welding Prepheat Control System
   Reverse-Brayton Cryocooler Manufacturing Improvements
   Rhenium Fabrication Processes
   Robotic Welding of Complex Structures
   Sand Cast Mold Drying
   Self-Locating / Self-Fixtured Structure
   Semi-Solid Metalworking Technology for Titanium Fluid Handling Components
   Shape Cutting and Welding Automation
   Shipbuilding State of Art Report
   SHT Debond Detector
   Single Crystal Fabrication Technology Initiative
   Single-Melt Process for Reduced-Cost Titanium Alloys
   Sliding Door Manufacturing Improvements
   Sonar Dome Fabrication Process Improvements
   Stainless Steel Investment Casting Evaluation
   Steel Casting Optimization Project
   Structural Aluminum Casting Technology for Navy Aircraft
   Superplastic Forming of Aluminum Aircraft Assemblies
   Temporary Protective Coatings
   Thin Plate Distortion Mitigation
   Titanium Alloy Hearth Melting Process Technology Enhancement
   Tow Cable Maintenance Winch
   Transparent Armor Window Installation Improvements
   Unit Family Construction Optimization
   US Navy Nuclear Power Plant and Ship Propulsion Shaft Manufacturing Improve...
   VCS Machine Shop Modeling and Simulation
   Waterjet Inlet Tunnel Manufacturing Improvement
   Weapons and Stores Elevator Door Improvements
   Weapons and Stores Elevator Door Manufacturing Cost Reduction
   Weapons Cradle Manufacturing Cost Reduction Phase II
   Weapons Cradle Manufacturing Improvement
   Web-Based Welding Procedure System for Shipyard Use
   Weld Sequence Planning for Major Assemblies