Advanced Metalworking Solutions for
Naval Systems that Go in Harm's Way

Success Stories

Ingalls Shipbuilding Begins Implementing Work Cell Technologies to Reduce Manufacturing Costs

A manufacturing work cell approach that mechanizes various processes will reduce costs, improve quality, and increase throughput on multiple naval platforms.

ManTech Project Advances Knowledge on Improving Additive Manufacturing of Metal Electronics Chassis

Maturing additive manufacturing technologies to produce metal electronics chassis for Navy platforms is being considered for cost, schedule, and performance benefits.

Printed Sand Mold Technology Investigated to Improve Producibility of Submarine HY Steel Castings

Use of 3-D printed sand molds to cast complex HY parts is expected to provide producibility improvements.

Electric Boat Begins Implementing Work Cell Technologies for Hanger Production

A manufacturing work cell that automates and / or mechanizes hanger fabrication will reduce costs, improve quality, and increase throughput on multiple naval platforms.

Automated Processes Improving Stiffener Component Construction at Ingalls

Automating the forming of stiffener components will improve efficiency and quality while reducing labor.

Improved Construction Method Incorporated into the Design of Submarine Deck Structures

An advanced shape-cutting capability at General Dynamics Electric Boat is enabling a new structural grid construction of submarine deck structures, which will simplify fitup and reduce the skill and time needed for assembly.

Enabling Earlier Outfitting Expected to Save Future Aircraft Carrier Construction Costs

Efficiencies can be realized by increasing the amount of construction work done prior to erection.

Implementation of Improved Crack Repair Process for MRAP Vehicles has Begun

An improved process to repair cracks in the upper structure of MRAP Cougar CAT I/II will reduce the cost and schedule associated with the current method.

Additively Applied Isolation Coatings for Navy Fasteners to Reduce Galvanic Corrosion

An improved isolation process for fasteners on Navy vessels will provide better protection against galvanic corrosion and reduce repair costs.

Portable System to Mitigate Aluminum Cracking to Provide Significant Cost Avoidance

Application of a device to mitigate sensitization in aluminum structures will be less labor intensive than the current remove and replace process.

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